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I am an artist and illustrator

living in Cambridge UK.

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Creative Mentoring




I’m so glad I joined Ella on Patreon, as an illustrator I love to see how other creatives work. Ella provides both inspiration and motivation plus time geeking out over art supplies and textures. It’s like sharing a studio with a warm supportive talented friend.


Ella’s patreon is the best investment I made in my art, and in myself last year. She is a brilliant, generous, and incredible artist, and the inspiration and materials shared through her patreon are inclusive and accessible whatever level you are. I’ve experimented more, had the courage to share more within the online community, and have received brilliant advice from Ella in person. Plus it’s AMAZING value - in summary; Ella’s brilliant and her Patreon will be the best gift you can give yourself in 2021


I’m really benefiting from being a “patron” of Ella Beech via Patreon. She is a talented professional, and her work is glorious. But more importantly, she’s a great communicator- natural, inspiring, informed and encouraging. She puts out a lot of valuable tutorials, sketchbook tours and materials reviews as well as general and fun views into her life. Excellent value for all she provides. If you are an illustrator or creative person interested in improving your own drawing/sketching/painting I can’t recommend Ella highly enough.