Exploring Mark-making workshop.

This is a workshop I made in the summer 2021. It was originally £10 to purchase, but I wanted to make it available to anyone who is sheltering or vulnerable during this Christmas period, particularly due to Covid, but for anyone who is feeling the need for a boost. I hope you enjoy it.

These are the materials I recommend you could use, but feel free to use whatever you have to hand.

● Paper, as large as possible
● A range of miscellaneous found items to make marks with: Feathers and quills,
twigs, old bones, string, sponges, net, old fabric, plastic wrappers, cling film,
grease-proof paper, sponges, leaves, stones... the world is your oyster!
● pot of water (keep a few clean pots nearby, or work near a sink).
● extra things for mixing and painting with - grease or oil, acids (lemon juice,
vinegar), berry juice, mud
● Baking soda
● ordinary household candle
● drinking straws
● washing up liquid
● Range of brushes - from soft bristles, such as sable (or synthetic alternative),
hard, course bristles, such as hogshair (or synthetic alternative), and smooth
synthetic brushes designed for use with acrylic.
● erasers - normal and if you can, a putty rubber is great to have
● Graphite/charcoal powder or dust
● Watercolour paint
● Chalk based pastels and/or crayons
● Range of pencils, from H to 9B
● Charcoal - willow, and synthetic
● Ink - black, sepia, quink...
● Marker pens - alcohol based and water based. Try to bring ones with different
● Carbon pencils
● Fixative or hairspray
● Coloured pencils
● Pastel pencils