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My mentoring packages
Are you looking to progress further in your illustration career, but not sure how?

Have you considered getting a creative mentor?

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Do you find yourself feeling lost, and not sure where to go next? You know you have the enthusiasm, you've worked hard, but you're not sure how to get noticed, or how to progress to the next stage in your creative life


My mentoring packages are designed for people just like you!

Benefits of mentoring


Are you wondering if mentoring is right for you? These are just some of the benefits of mentoring...

• Take time for yourself to focus on your creative practice

• A private space to talk through all your fears, challenges and hopes
• Grow your art practice 

• Grow your portfolio
• Create art that feels authentic to who you are
• Learn to understand your art practice more
• Grow your self esteem

Imagine how great it would be to have someone on your side. To be your cheerleader, holding your hand through the doubts and fears that are, after all, only natural, when you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 

From one creative to another...

I love helping people unblock creative knots. I have been on my own creative journey since coming back to drawing and illustration in 2014, after a 20 year career behind the scenes in children's publishing. I have learned so much since then, through doing the MA (in Children's Book Illustration, at Cambridge School of Art), building a portfolio, getting my first picture book contract, and now teaching on the MA. I have overcome all the set-backs, self doubt, frustrations and blocks and I really want to help people on that journey. I know how important a support network is, and I want to have your back!


Because I have the background in publishing, I come to mentoring from a unique perspective. I know what happens behind the scenes in an acquisition meeting, the conversations that happen around the water cooler, how to submit illustrations to a publisher, as well as many years art directing illustrators and designers, as an art director. Through the MA I learned how to develop my illustration skills and creative practice. I bring the combination of these backgrounds to my mentoring, along with a growing interest in creative mindset which has led me to become a mentor and teacher. 

I would love to work with you. Click below to read more about my mentoring and see the different plans I offer.

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