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Ella Beech grew up in London and now lives in Cambridge with her family. After doing a BA in Fine Art Painting, Ella moved into Children’s Publishing;  in 2019 she realised she wanted to set sail on a new adventure and enrolled to do an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.

Ella works in traditional media and is drawn to the happy accidents and rich textures that are made when creating work on paper: “I invariably make a mess, and that way, I make new discoveries too”. Her work is rooted in observational drawing - finding the beauty in the everyday, through experiments in colour, texture, light, and composition.

She is interested in character-driven narratives with a twist of whimsy and a hint of the surreal. She likes to bring her extensive design background into her work, focusing on the interplay of colours, with bold and striking compositions.

When she’s not making art, you can find Ella knitting and sewing, and scouring charity shops and car boot sales for treasures, which help inspire stories! She also runs creative courses and workshops and is a Patreon creator.


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