Ella Beech, Creative Mentoring


"Thanks so much for all your genuine and honest advice. Since our session, I’m really relaxing into what I enjoy doing and focusing on what I want to create. I’m trusting that opportunities will arise from me following my creative instincts and making work from my heart and that they’ll happen at the absolute best time for them to happen. It feels great to just keep making good work and putting it out into the world because I’m proud to share it.

It’s so valuable to me to give some time to think about what I really want to create and make paths towards that. I appreciate how open you were and that you didn’t hold back with your thoughts and advice. This allows me to trust you when you say that you see me doing well and that it would serve me to trust myself a bit more. Thanks :)"

Are you unsure if Creative Mentoring is right for you?

  • Identifying goals

  • Discovering and troubleshooting creative blocks

  • Critical feedback on your work

  • Setting or identifying a specific goal and creating accountability

  • Troubleshooting a specific artistic technique, for example, drawing from life, colour, or working in sketchbooks

  • Working on creative confidence

  • Or simply a chance to chat and ask some questions in an informal way.​

  • A one-hour Zoom session 

  • A pre-session questionnaire to help identify your goals.

  • Follow-up notes with summary and goal setting 

  • WhatsApp/text messages for check-ins and questions. 



​• Take time for yourself to focus on your creative practice
• Grow your art practice and grow your portfolio
• Create art that feels authentic to who you are
• Learn to understand your art practice more
• Grow your self esteem