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Images have been scanned high resolution and, touched up, but I have left happy accidents, splodges,  etc in as I wanted to preserve the sketchbook feel as much as possible. I have left the centre spine in as well, but it is mostly un-noticable, as it is nestled perfectly in the spine of the zine.



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  1. Portugal & Italy Sketches (NEW!)
  2. Garden 1
  3. River 1
  4. Garden 2
  5. River 2
  6. Hidden Cambridge
  7. Tenby
  8. People Sketches
  9. Trieste & Croatia


zine details:

(I have mixed stock at the moment, you will be given stock randomly selected, unless you let me know in the message option)

  • All zines A5
  • 8 pages, inc cover.
  • Stock 1: 130gsm Recycled Silk
  • Stock 2: 120gsm Recycled Uncoated
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