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Rewild the World at Bedtime

Wide Eyed Editions, March 2024

Written by Emily Hawkins

A beautiful keepsake collection of calming wildlife stories to read at bedtime. Learn all about the projects that are rewilding the world with animals and saving our environment.

More than 40,000 unique species are currently threatened with extinction. From Colombia to Indonesia and everywhere in between, animals are facing environmental changes caused by human activity. It’s never been a better time to teach kids all about the power of conservation.

This enchanting read soothes little ones with 20 bedtime stories about rewilding projects from across the globe that are bringing animals back to the wild.

And when these animals are rewilded, nature starts to heal itself, giving us all hope for a brighter future ahead.


"This is an enchanting story book covering such an important topic. Would make a really lovely gift, especially the hard back edition. I couldn't believe how beautiful the pictures were, and the stories take you as far afield as Nepal, Australia and Mozambique. So not only are you learning about animals and the wilderness, you're traveling while you do so. Fantastic for anyone who wants to instil a live of nature and travel in the children in their lives. It also makes such a nice change to have a brilliant non-fiction story book on hand. Highly recommended."

Vine cusomer review

Okay these illustrations.. just Wow! This is one of the most beautiful children's story books I have ever seen. I really love the rewilding stories from around the world. This is not just entertaining to children, but also to adults. Really loved reading this, and it also inspired me to paint some animals.


NetGalley review

Rewild the World at Bedtime, is one of my top rated reads for 2024, hands down. The fantastical true stories of nature conservation, community colaboration, and personal commitment to purpose driven action to repopulate dwindling animal populations, to rewild nature's delicately detailed and balanced ecosystem makes for captivating bedtime reading. Don't fail to read this alongside any children in your life who need to focus on ways they can impact our environment positively. Encourages children to aim high, work together, think of solutions, and pursue with dedication the care of the world they live in. The illustrations are beyond fantastic, awakening beauty, invention, discovery and a passionate sensory engagement and expansion of our worldview.

NetGalley review

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