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A course designed to help you take a creative re-set after the summer break,

and get back to making art with intention!

Find your inner lion - rarrr!

During the summer holidays, whether I actually go away or not, taking a break from the daily routine generally clears space in my head and I find thoughts popping into my head - plans for the year ahead, ideas about my work, mistakes I've made, sometimes even radical ways I would like to change my life! Then I go back to my regular routine, and put all that aside. 


I ran this course in January earlier this year, as an alternative to making new year's resolutions. The idea was that instead of making arbitrary resolutions, that you inevitably forget about come February, that instead, you could use the new year energy to take a look at your creative practice, and forge ahead for the year with intention and a better awareness of who you are and what you want to be. I designed it as a way of capturing the energy and sense of possibility that you get during the holidays.

It was such a great month - of laughing, bonding, and creative breakthroughs! 

I know that many people see September as the alternative new year. It feels to me like an even better time to take a review of your creative life, as the summer holidays tend to be a longer and more meaningful break. So I have decided to do a Back-to-School version of the course, to help you capture all your grand summer plans! 

There are different plans to suit your budget, and loads of inspiring and creative content, including 4 special guest interviews, which is a new addition to the course.


Whatever might come your way, I will help you face it with the best foot first!

What you get...
Smiling Lion Elle Beech

Chat through the week and share your findings and insights, and make new creative friends!

Tiger playing with little toy cars Ella Beech

Specially designed worksheets to help you delve deeper into your creative practice

Walking Lion, Elle Beech

Specially designed exercises to help you explore the week's theme

Ella Beech Freelance Children's book illustartion Cambridge, UK

Introductory video kicking off each week

Tiger sitting on a chair drinking tea out of very small tea cups. Ella Beech

You get lifetime access to all the content on the course, and worksheets to keep forever - and pin to your wall!


4 brilliant guests from the illustrating and Children's Publishing community

Yellow lion sleeping on his side. Ella Beech

Pay in instalments and spread the cost over 3 months.

Little girls under a fishing net, Elle Beech

Different tiers to suit every budget

Freelance Illustrator Elle Beech

I've limited it to 30 places so we can keep things intimate, informal, chatty, personal and so I can get to know you all. No sea of Zoom faces here!

Ella Beech, Freelance Illustrator in Cambridge, UK holding up a book. #walktosee

Joining and participating will give you accountability to yourself and your creative practice. Finally make the progress you want to!


We will kick things off with a lunch party with drawing games - 🥳


Bonus zooms, one-to ones and extra content for those of you looking for even more in my Silver and Gold tiers!

For all of this, and so much more, join today and make a commitment to you and your creative practice!

How it works!
Choose your tier!

Bronze, Silver or Gold!
Join - it's that simple!

Take you and your creative practice to the next level
Take part

Weekly worksheets, exercises, guest interviews and more!
I can't wait to welcome you!

You know me - I wanted to include a budget option for those of you wanting a wallet-friendly version.


  • Weekly Zoom session 

  • Weekly worksheet to work through

  • Weekly Exercise to complete

  • Special guest interviews!


Two BONUS live and interactive sessions designed to compliment the weekly themes.


  • Weekly Zoom session 

  • Weekly worksheet to work through

  • Weekly Exercise to complete

  • Special guest interviews!

  • BONUS intuitive art making session

  • BONUS visualisation session

Gold VIP

One-to-one mentoring and bonus VIP Zoom session, PLUS everything included in Silver package.


  • Weekly Zoom session 

  • Weekly worksheet to work through

  • Weekly Exercise to complete

  • Special guest interviews!

  • BONUS intuitive art making session

  • BONUS visualisation session

  • One-to-one creative mentoring session - 40 mins

  • BONUS group session at the end of the month

Here's what people said last time...
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 17.04.48.png


Ella’s re-set course was the perfect start to my creative year, making me

re-connect with what makes me excited and set achievable goals, all with generosity and support. I don’t think I’d be making the progress I'm making now without having done it. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to make more time for their creativity and set clear intentions.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 17.11.59.png


The Creative Reset course I took with Ella in January was the best start to my year, dragging me out of the depths of the winter slump and reinvigorating my creative practice. It gave me a real sense of direction and focus, and I picked up tons of advice and tips from both Ella and the other participants. I learnt so much about myself, what I want, and how to move towards it, and found mutual support and friendship that has continued beyond the course.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 17.14.15.png


"I’m a freelance illustrator and a very busy Mumma Bear of three teenage Bear cubs and I found Ella’s Creative Re-Set, back in January so useful, inspiring and really motivating after what felt like a long and hectic Christmas break!!! It made me excited about going to work again with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm for projects that I had let slip. I can't wait to join in with the Back to School Edition that starts in September. Ella’s practical advice, encouragement and fabulous intuitive mark making sessions, as well as the brilliant creative crew joining in and cheering everyone along are exactly what you need after having a house full over the summer and getting everyone else packed off back to work and school!"

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 17.20.30.png


The creative re-set course helped me untangle my thoughts about the year that had gone and the year to come…to have someone holding that space was invaluable! I often look back on what I intended to help me stay on track. In particular, one of the best things about it was meeting all the other artists and sharing reflections, fears and challenges with one another. I’d recommend it to anyone needing an extra push to see their work and their intentions clearly, even if you’ve never done anything like it before or (and maybe especially) if you are shy about describing yourself as an ‘artist’.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 17.17.28.png


I did the Creative Reset course in January and really enjoyed it. I met a lovely community of people and found the calls and worksheets were just what I needed to help me reflect on my work and set targets for short and long term goals. It was great to work with Ella and it was a very motivating start to my year.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 11.57.40.png


I did the first one back in January and it was a fabulous way to start the year, and I discovered so much about myself as an artist. I'm still using and doing the things I set up back then. For those with kids, they'll be back in school soon and this is a wonderful way to refocus on yourself and your creativity. I finally got round to signing up because I know the re-set in September will help me get back in the swing of things. Plus, I deserve a treat after an awesome single parent summer!

Dates and Information
  • The course will run over September, with weekly themes (see below)

  • Zooms will take place every Friday lunchtime, 12-2pm

  • BONUS sessions with the Silver plan will take place over Monday lunchtimes, 12-2pm

  • All sessions are recorded and you will have lifetime access

  • Each week begins with an introductory video by me, posted on Monday morning, talking you through that week's exercise and worksheet

  • One-to-ones included in the Gold membership can be individually arranged

  • Special guest interviews which will be recorded and available to watch as replay for the rest of the month

Week 1
Reflect & Learn

This week we will take some time to reflect back on the past year, looking back at the work you have created and critically analyse it. You will decide what you want to take with you and what you want to gracefully and kindly leave behind.

  • Course launch party!

  • Gold VIP one-to-ones

Week 2
Take Stock

This is the week we take stock, reflect on who we are, and what we like! This is the week you say: this is what I like. These are the type of marks that excite me. This is what I am inspired by! This is your chance to really investigate which type of art and illustration excites you, and why! ​

  • Siver BONUS - intuitive art session

Week 3

This is the week to dream big! If you find yourself pulled in different directions, I will help you create a clear picture for your future and begin to get specific on what you want for your creative future self!

  • Silver BONUS - visualization session

Week 4

This is the week we will bring it all together and create a manifesto for you to take with you into your new creative life!

  • Gold VIP BONUS Zoom

Special guest interviews!

I am so happy and excited to let you know that we will be having a selection of guest interviews as part of the Creative Re-set course. They will be live interviews with a Q&A at the end. But don't worry if you can't make it live, they will all be recorded so you can watch on replay. They will be available for ALL TIERS, so nobody misses out on this excellent addition to the course.


There will be a range of illustrators, from those working in picture books through to those working in Young Adult illustration. Additionally, editor extraordinaire Camilla Reid, co-founder of Nosy Crow, will share her publishing knowledge. It promises to be a very exciting set of interviews.

Meet our Guests!

Emma Farrarons

Born in the tropical islands of the Philippines, Emma Farrarons was raised in Paris. After art school, she made her way to London to pursue her love for illustration and book design.

Emma was trained in illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art, l'École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and Orange Beak Studio. Her debut and bestselling book THE MINDFULNESS COLOURING BOOK is available in 20 languages. Emma is currently developing picture book stories. If she’s not working on illustration projects, you’ll find her out and about observational drawing.